How To Set Up Wellness

  • Sign Up

    1. On the Menu Click on the customer drop down and select Sign Up
    2. Fill in your details and click on the Sign Up button at the bottom
    3. Wellness will create an account for you automatically

  • Complete Your Profile

    1. While You are Login Click on profile on the left corner of your dashboard
    2. Fill in your information and click on the save button

  • Subscribe to a plan

    1. Click on Buy Plane on the left corner of your dashboard
    2. Select plan by clicking the green button below the Action Menu
    3. Click on pay
    4. Select Payment Method e.g Bank,Card,GTB 737.
    5. Fill Detail and then Pay
  • Install Google Fit on your phone

    1. In the app menu, click on Connect Device.
    2. Select Google Fit.
    3. Fit account info. It will bring up a popup. Select your account that has Google Fit data. ( Make sure to use the same account linked with Google Fit)
    4. Click Allow

  • Connect Your Device on Wellness

    1. Wellness will always try to fetch data everyday

  • Keep Mobile Data & GPS/Location always On

    1. Your GPS and mobile Data must always be kept on for Tracking step


  • What does Risk Rating score do/mean?

    Risk Rating is a static score assigned to every Wellness enrollee at the point of sign-up. It is calculated via a rigorous actuarial process from all bio-data information provided by the individual i.e. Gender, Age, Level of Education, Sector of Occupation, State of Residence etc.
    A High Risk rating indicates the Individual is relatively healthy e,g, 85% whereas a Low Risk Rating indicates that the individual possesses deteriorating health status/condition e.g. 55%

  • What does Well Score do/mean?

    Wellness Score is a unique dynamic score awarded once to an individual utilizing the Wellness Living portal. It is called via a combination of the individual’s Risk Rating score at sign-up alongside data pooled from the wearable device of the individual which tracks/monitors his daily fitness activities.
    Unike the Risk Rating score, the Wellness Score measures the on-going WELLNESS of the individual at every point in time. In essence, a High Wellness Score indicates improving Health status of the Individual whereas a Low Wellness Score indicates deteriorating Health conditions attributable to the Individual.

  • What does the variance score indicate?

    The Variance score measures the Individuals deviation from his conditions as at sign-up (i.e. Risk Rating) vis-à-vis his/her present Wellness status.
    A positive variance (i.e. displayed with THUMBS UP) is synonymous with improving Wellness Status and vice versa.

  • How do I track my daily Activity on the portal?

    Click on the Activity Data section on the top right corner of the Wellness Portal and view your history and current state of activities

  • How does tracking my Analytics help me understand my Wellness State?

    First and Foremost, the customer needs to Click on the Analytics section on the top right corner of the Wellness Portal and view his/her historical trend of activities i.e. Wellness trend line, Steps-Taken graph, Calories burnt patterns etc. Trends as shown on the Analytics serves as guide to the Individual to better understand the following:

    1. 1. Areas requiring improvements in his/her daily fitness activities
    2. 2. Areas where they are excelling in fitness performance.
    3. 3. Allows the customer to set up a realistic Wellness plan or goal that would ultimately improve their WELLNESS Score or performance.

  • Which devices are acceptable/sync with the Wellness portal?

    FitBit, Samsung, Apple and Microsoft devices at the moment.

  • How do I connect my wearable to Wellness?

    1. I. Go to the top left hand side of the portal, click on the “CONNECT YOUR DEVICE” icon.
    2. II. You would be redirected to an API page for the appropriate device i.e. FITBIT/SAMSUNG, where you are to login with the email and Password used to log on to your Device’s mobile App.
    3. III. Upon completion and sign up, the portal immediately commences the collation of your fitness data unto the Portal.

  • How do Buy/Change wearable device?

    Go to the top left corner of the Wellness DashBoard and click on the “Buy/Change wearable” icon and follow the instructions as provided.

  • How do I buy or renew my Health Plan?

    Go to the top left corner of the Wellness DashBoard and click on the “Buy/Renew Health Plan” icon and follow the instructions as given.

  • How do I receive my regular Health Plan?

    Every month by default, a WELLNESS LIVING report would be sent to the customer’s email itemizing their activity for the month and highlighting variances observed which needs to be improved upon.

  • How do I purchase other services?

    Go to the top left corner of the Wellness DashBoard and click on the “Subscribe to Service” icon and follow the instructions as given.