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We Have Unique Fitness Programs

If you feel that a program or individual workouts is not enough, you can spice things up with a challenge or two. Some challenges have specific goals and others just add extra training and let you focus on a specific exercise and improve your technique, e.g., kicks and punches. All challenges last 30 days, a new one is added at the end of every month.

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Arian-Grace (AG) Wellness Ltd.

Arian-Grace Wellness Ltd is a Wellness Aggregator Services business and subsidiary of Arian-Grace Global Services Ltd (parent/holding company).

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Provision of Wellness Aggregation services

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Develop leading-edge technology driven services using health data management for the healthcare industry

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Digital transformation of health care services deploying disruptive and evolving wearable/medical technologies to redefine the HealthCare landscape; especially in areas of generation, collation, storage and usage of medical data in driving Preventive/Wellness Living across various income groups.

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The only bad work out is the one that didn't happen

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