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Wellness Living: Overview

Wellness Analytic and Score

WSCP captures static data and daily wellness vitals from the users and provides daily analytics of their state of well being through actuarial engine computation of Wellness score.....

Sweat Points

The WSCP also computes sweat points based on measurable wellness kpis. The Sweat points is generated from daily fitness activities......

Wellness Challenge

The WSCP provides the capability to create challenges in which users can opt into. Challenges can be created by enterprises to promote their brand, and drive wellness as a CSR proposition...

Know your wellness score

Wellness Score is a unique dynamic score awarded once to an individual utilizing the Wellness Living portal. It is called via a combination of the individual’s Health Rating score at sign-up alongside data pooled from the wearable device of the individual which tracks/monitors his daily fitness activities. Enjoy our platform

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On the Menu Click on the customer drop down and select Sign Up Fill in your details and click on the Sign Up button.

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Complete Your Profile

While You are Login Click on profile on the left corner of your dashboard Fill in your information and click on the save button

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Pay For Wellness Subscription

Click on Buy Plane on the left corner of your dashboard Select plan by clicking the green button below.

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